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Learn more about who can go on a Travel For Youth trip, when and how to pay your trip tuition, what’s included, and what our refund policy is in the event that you need to cancel.

Who Can Go on a Travel for Youth Trip?

We’d love to have you travel with us! High school-aged teens of all faiths, ages 15-19, are welcome and invited to join. All participants must commit to fully following our safety standards & code of conduct which are inspired by the standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

These standards and rules help ensure your well-being during this life-changing experience. Christ-centered devotionals, scripture study, and Sunday church attendance will be an integral part of each trip. Regardless of religious affiliation or practice, all youth are required to participate.

Important: TFY is not a youth rehabilitation program. Our leaders are phenomenal, but they are not professionally trained to work with those struggling with severe mental, emotional, moral, or substance abuse issues. If you are struggling with any of these things, please reach out to qualified professionals for help. We will be excited to have you join us as soon as you are ready!

Paying for Your Trip

Paying for your trip is simple! At registration, you will put down a $500 deposit. This officially secures your spot on the trip (yay!) and will be directly applied to your trip tuition.

Your remaining trip balance will be broken into two tuition payments and your flight payment. These will be sent to you in an invoice with a secure link via email, making it easy for you to pay these by debit or credit card. These invoices will be sent out 10-14 days before they are due.

There is a seven-day grace period for these invoice payments. After that, a $50 late fee will be applied and you risk forfeiting your spot (we want you on the trip, so please don’t let this happen!).

Payment Schedule

Spot Reservation


Non-Refundable Deposit
Due at Registration

Second Tuition Payment


Due by Nov. 30

Final Tuition Payment

Remaining Trip Balance

Due by Feb. 15


Based on Destination

Due in the Spring

Trip Comparison

Compare Trip Prices

Good to know: Signing up after the payment dates? That’s ok! You haven’t missed your shot. Go ahead and register for your chosen trip, and then get in touch with us. We will help get you caught up on your tuition payments as well as any other trip prep announcements and to-do’s that you may have missed.

What is Included in the Trip Tuition

The cost of your trip includes food (three meals a day), lodging, all sightseeing and excursions, flights and transportation within the host country, cultural experiences, donations and materials for the social cause project, as well as medical and evacuation insurance.

The program cost does NOT include round-trip flights to and from the host country, cancel for any reason travel insurance, visas, passports, personal souvenirs & snacks, or baggage fees.

We understand a large percentage of our youth participants are working hard to pay for their trip and we feel a great responsibility to keep costs down as much as possible.

While it is impossible for us to be able to guarantee airline prices, we do have an incredible team of people who book all of our group flights. We work very hard to get the best flight deals to help you save money on that additional cost.


  • Get Ready Package
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Sight Seeing & Excursions
  • Transportation
  • In-Country Flights
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Social Impact Project
  • Medical & Evacuation Insurance
  • Amazing Trip Leaders

Not Included

  • Flights To And From Host Country
  • Baggage Fees
  • Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance
  • Passports / Visas
  • Personal Souvenirs
  • COVID-19 Testing
  • Notary

Our Refund Policy

Innate in international travel are disruptions completely outside of the control of Travel For Youth. These could be your own personal emergencies like health, family circumstances, or unforeseen schedule changes. Although less likely, there could be disruptions that affect your trip destination like natural disasters, political unrest, or pandemic shutdowns.

Because these things are outside of TFY’s control, we do not provide refunds.

We do, however, want you to be taken care of! We are on your team, and we know all too well that life happens and that sometimes emergencies can occur where canceling your trip may be necessary.

We advise all of our youth travelers to purchase Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance from a reputable third party. This will allow you to recoup 75 percent of your trip cost (deposit, tuition, and flights) up until 2 days prior to departure in the event that you are forced to cancel.

Travel Insurance Details

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