Thailand is the OG of TFY trips! It has so. many. incredible things to do and see! Besides being one of the most breathtaking places on planet earth, Thailand has some of the most kind-hearted people we have ever met in our travels. 

While there, we’ll explore marketplaces, ornate palaces, and visit Buddhist temples in the bustling capital city. We’ll spend a day in an elephant sanctuary feeding, bathing, and caring for elephants that have been rescued from mistreatment. In the mountain villages we’ll enjoy lunch with local monks, ride one of the longest zip-lines in the world, and spend the evenings perusing through the local night markets. 

We’ll cross ‘snorkeling among limestone cliffs’ off our bucket list while we sail through the Andaman sea and relax on the beach drinking fresh fruit smoothies. And if you are a fan of Thai food, you’re in luck! We’ll learn how to pick ingredients and make six different Thai dishes in our local cooking class. 

But you know what? As incredible as elephants, ziplines, and snorkeling are, most of our youth come back saying that our few days of service at a home for rescued women and children was the most memorable and meaningful part of their trip. We can’t wait for you to meet them and learn from their incredible courage and inspiring resiliency. 

Each Sunday we’ll worship with the local Thai congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as begin and end each day with personal scripture study and gospel-centered group devotionals that will help you understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the role it plays in your daily life.


According to current statistics, it is believed that nearly 40.3 million people are victims of modern slavery. Of that 40.3 million, over 70% of victims are women and girls and over half of the victims are living in Asia and the Pacific. Those who are victims of human trafficking can be forced into sex slavery, sold as child soldiers, or forced to be laborers and work for no pay.

The disintegration of the family unit, extreme poverty, lack of basic education, social and political unrest or conflict, the drug trade, and the pornography industry all play a role in the prevalence of human trafficking.

It is easy to ignore something that we cannot see, but that is exactly why human trafficking is able to happen right under our noses--we don’t see it! The first step is raising awareness and learning about how to identify potential victims of human trafficking. Additional steps are taken to educate and prevent human trafficking among vulnerable populations and also rescue victims of trafficking.

Ultimately, we must provide support and healing for those who have been rescued from modern slavery in any form. That is exactly what we are doing in Thailand. We partner with a local organization that has created a safe home for women and children that have been rescued from human trafficking and other abusive situations. We labor and serve alongside the women as they work to find healing and start a new life.

Operation Underground Railroad

Human Trafficking in Plain Sight

TRIP VIBE:  Gold Temples, Elephants, and the Kindest Local People

SOCIAL CAUSE:  Human Trafficking

TRIP PACE:  Very Fast


Because Thailand is so diverse and we want to show you the mountains, the beaches, AND the city, we go super fast and hard! There is almost no down time at all on this trip. The majority of our itinerary only requires moderate levels of physical fitness but there is one difficult hike that requires a good amount of physical stamina. In addition, the Thailand heat has the potential to make everything we do a little more intense and sweaty, ya know what I mean?