There is a reason that everyone from Europe heads to Greece during the summer--it’s INCREDIBLE! The food is amazing, the beaches are famous, you see history everywhere you look, and the people are proud of their culture and so willing to share it with you. 

We get to explore the bustling, ancient city of Athens that has ruins from 4000 years ago (yeah, you read that right: four THOUSAND years!!) but also features quaint cafes, graffiti, hip museums, and buzzing marketplaces. We’ll spend several days relaxing on a Greek island where time slows down and we spend our days beach hopping, cliff jumping, kayaking, hiking, and strolling through whitewashed homes and cobblestone streets at sunset. 

We’ll charter a catamaran in some of the prettiest water you’ll ever see and bike around the city learning about the history and mythology that makes Greece so fascinating. Did we mention the food was amazing?! We’ll eat gyros, bougatsa, and gelato like it’s going out of style! On Sunday we’ll worship with the local members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and begin and end each day with personal scripture study and gospel-centered group devotionals that will help you understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the role it plays in your daily life. 

And while we hope that Greece imprints itself on your heart forever, the thing we want you to remember most will be the time you spend serving refugees who have come to Greece because they have nowhere else to go. The refugee crisis is one of the biggest human rights issues we have going on today and we hope that proximity will inspire you to do something about it!


Can you imagine having literally nowhere to go? 

Due to situations completely outside of your control you find that your home has been destroyed or is no longer safe and so you flee with whatever you can carry in your arms. You don’t know where you are going or even how you will get there, but at this point the risks associated with leaving appear safer than the risk of staying. 

And so you walk for thousands of miles or pay all the money you have to be loaded up on a small raft and head off into the sea in hopes of finding refuge and a new life.

Right now, in 2019, our world is experiencing one of the greatest refugee crises ever. There are more than 70.8 million current displaced people, with 30 million of them being refugees and nearly half of those refugees being under the age of 18. As political unrest, religious persecution, and racial and ethnic targeting continue across the world, the crisis continues to grow.

Due to the high volume of people who are fleeing to safety, as well as the complex political and economic factors that play a role in this crisis, countries are closing their borders. This means that millions of people are being forced to live in refugee camps with no running water, limited food supplies, and no access to basic human rights such as education, healthcare, and employment.

We recognize that the refugee crisis is incredibly complicated, but we also feel strongly that these are God’s children and everyone deserves a place to call home. Right now millions of these people are suffering but we live an ocean away and so we barely even hear about it.

While in Greece, we will have the opportunity to volunteer with a local Greek organization that serves refugees within their community. You will be able to put a face with the crisis and find ways to raise your voice for the voiceless.

The UN Refugee Agency

UN:  Refugees

TRIP VIBE:  Ancient Ruins, Sunny Mediterranean Islands, Mythology & The Arts

SOCIAL CAUSE:  The Refugee Crisis

TRIP PACE:  Very Fast


Greece is one of our fastest paced trips. There is so much to see and experience there and we don’t want you to miss any of it so we pack it all in tight! If you are looking for a “chill vacation” then this trip might be a little too busy for you and we would recommend our Tahiti trip. In Greece we have a full day of kayaking and some hikes that require a decent amount of physical fitness. We also have in incredible bike tour that requires you to know how to ride a bike. And if you want to dance like a true Greek, you’re going to have to have A LOT of confidence! ;)