If you are an adrenaline-seeking adventure junkie, Costa Rica is the trip for you! Whether we are on the water watching for whales and dolphins, whitewater rafting down the Balsa River, or surfing some awesome point breaks, you’ll find yourself pushing your limits and having a blast. 

We’ll spend one day hiking to an incredible waterfall and then spend the night sleeping in the cave behind it as the powerful rush of water puts us to sleep. We’ll rappel down waterfalls, jump from rope swings, subwing and snorkel through crystal clear water, and trek through raw, beautiful jungle looking for sloths and other animals. 

You’ll also love the food--it’s incredible--and we’ll even learn how to make our own as we tour a local farm and learn how to make some staple Costa Rican cuisine. 

Costa Rica is one of the most advanced countries in conservation and care for Mother Earth. We will learn from the best by volunteering for a few days with a local organization focused on reducing your carbon footprint, fighting against plastic pollution, and taking care of our planet and its creatures.

And like on each of our trips, we’ll worship with the local members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Sundays and begin and end each day with personal scripture study and gospel-centered group devotionals.


Through travel, we absolutely LOVE experiencing the natural wonders of the earth. Each place has its own unique beauty--just like each one of us! Unfortunately, lots of places are changing and not always for the better. 

In the last century, we have literally been DUMPING plastic into our earth and ocean. Every year, more than 300 million tons of plastic are produced, yet more than 90% of it is not recycled. This past year, 8 MILLION TONS of plastic was emptied into the ocean. This number is so big it is hard to actually process, but just think that if our plastic addiction stays the same, by 2050, our oceans will have more plastic by weight than fish. Which is insane!

In the late 80s, the Costa Rican government made a huge decision! They decided to take conservation seriously and protect the amazing rainforest and oceans that made up their home.

Since then, this tiny place has made a huge move in going green. Trees now cover more than half the country and Costa Rica is leading the way in recycling and the fight against plastic. They are set to be the first plastic-free and carbon-free country by 2021.

In Costa Rica, we team up with a local conservationist who teaches us about the rainforest and ocean conservation. We spend time with their organization cleaning up the ocean, recycling, and taking care of the mangroves.


National Geographic: Planet or Plastic

TRIP VIBE:  High Adventure, Jungle Living, and Save the Planet  

SOCIAL CAUSE:  Conservation 

TRIP PACE:  Moderate


Costa Rica is for extreme adventurers/thrill seekers. You will need to be physically able to walk/hike long distances, have decent upper body strength, and not be afraid to test some limits. Our days will be filled with fast, fun activities, but because we are in the jungle and the sun goes down each night at 6:00pm, the evenings are pretty chill with dinner, games, devotional, and a good amount of sleep!