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A seasoned traveler knows that the unexpected is an inherent part of grand adventures. Insurance and immunizations are an important piece of you being prepared and protected during your international travel.

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need for My Trip?

Your safety and well-being while on your trip is our HIGHEST priority. We also want to help protect the financial investment you and your family are putting into this experience.

There are two umbrella scenarios that you should always cover when you travel. Scenario 1: Your trip gets canceled on you (this could happen because of a natural disaster, a country closing its borders, a massive airline strike, etc.). Scenario 2: You cancel your trip (unforeseen schedule changes, surprise wedding or funeral of a family member, unexpected surgery, uncovered injury or illness, etc.).

For scenario one, included in your trip tuition is comprehensive international travel, medical, and evacuation insurance that covers you for the duration of your trip. This includes trip delay, cancellation, & interruption; medical insurance and evacuation; security and natural disaster evacuation; reimbursements for lost baggage, flight delays, and missed connections.

To be covered in scenario two, we advise all of our youth travelers to purchase Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance from a reputable third party. This will allow you to recoup 75 percent of your trip costs (deposit, tuition, and flights) from the insurance company up until 48 hours before departure if you need to cancel your trip for personal reasons.

Important: Travel For Youth’s medical insurance covers short-term medical emergencies while on your trip, but you still need your own medical insurance in case you have a problem that requires continued treatment after returning home.

*Due to the state laws of New York, Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance cannot cover participants from New York.

Do I Need Immunizations?

Travel For Youth does not require any specific vaccinations in order to participate on our trips. We believe that the decision to receive vaccinations for international travel is a personal one that should be carefully and thoughtfully made by consulting with your healthcare professional and referring to the information provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Currently, many countries are requiring COVID-19 vaccines in order to enter as a tourist. As time goes on, it appears that many, if not most, countries are moving toward that requirement. If the COVID-19 vaccine is required by your destination country, you will be subject to that requirement in order to go on your trip.

Destinations Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Italy
  • Indonesia
  • Bali
  • Morocco
  • Ecuador
  • Prague

*Subject to change at any time

Destinations Not Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Thailand
  • Costa Rica
  • Greece

*Subject to change at any time

If you would like to see recommended vaccine information by country, visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO) websites.

Note: Travel For Youth cannot be responsible for any consequences incurred as a result of your choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate.

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