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Flights, Passports, & Visas

Globetrotting requires some planning and logistics and we want you to be ready! Below you will find everything you need to know about passports, visas, and flights for your life-changing Travel For Youth adventure.

How Do Flights Work?

Everyone is required to travel together as a group to, and home from, our destination country. We’ve found that is the best way to keep you safe, and it allows the trip leaders to help you navigate flight delays, airport security (so fun!), customs, etc.

Travel For Youth will secure a group round-trip flight to our destination from a major U.S. airport and then pass that information on to you.

Group flights are typically booked between February and April.

Flights are not included in your trip tuition, so you are responsible for paying for your flight once the group booking is confirmed.

Important: Please DO NOT purchase a flight from your home airport to the official departure/meet-up airport until you have received our group flight itinerary. You will need to arrive a minimum of 3-4 hours prior to your group’s departure, so you will need the group flight itinerary before you make personal arrangements.

Information About Passports

If you don’t have a passport (or if your passport is expired), you need to apply right away! How else are you going to collect all of those passport stamps?

COVID has drastically slowed down passport processing times, so some youth have waited up to four months for their passports to arrive. Don’t wait, and ALWAYS expedite your application or renewal! It is worth the extra fee.

To apply for a United States passport, you need to complete the application form DS-11 and submit it with a recent passport photograph of yourself (make sure you meet the photograph requirements). An easy way to do this is at your local US Post Office.

Along with your completed form, you will need to submit proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate and proof of your identity such as a driver’s license or photo ID. You will also need to pay the application fee.

Renewals follow a similar process, but are typically done by mail. You need to fill out form DS-82, then submit an updated passport photo, your old passport, and the application fee.

For questions and more detailed information visit

Critical: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 MONTHS after your TFY trip is scheduled to end. Most countries are very strict about this and can deny you entry if you disregard this and try to chance it. Please double check your passport’s expiration date get it renewed if needed!

Information About Visas

If you are a U.S. citizen, none of the current TFY destinations require visas. Some countries will require special entrance forms, but if these apply to your trip, we will send these to you and instruct you how to fill them out prior to departure.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, or if current TFY country requirements change, we will inform you. You will be responsible to apply for and cover the cost of any necessary visas or necessary paperwork.

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