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Travel can be so much more than laying on the beach or visiting a new city; it can be a powerful way to grow and nurture your faith, too. Traveling with purpose — to experience some of the storied history and rich culture of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints — is a profound spiritual experience every LDS member should have. The good news is that there are several organizations that make LDS travel easy, affordable, and rewarding.

As an LDS travel organization, we can confidently say there is no shortage of LDS travel groups; no matter your age, interests, or budget, there’s an LDS tour out there for you. We encourage you to try planning a trip through an LDS travel company when possible; it takes the stress out of trip preparations, gives you the opportunity to connect with new members, and guarantees a smooth, simple travel experience.

Review the LDS tours below to see which one you’d like to plan for in the future. (And when it comes to LDS travel as a teen, Travel for Youth has the unforgettable humanitarian experiences you or your teen can experience right now. There’s no need to wait until your mission to experience how travel can open your mind and heart like nothing else.)

5 LDS Travel Opportunities to Add to Your Bucket List

From the jungles of Central America to the picturesque streets of Paris, these LDS trips are some of our favorites.

LDS Book of Mormon Tours

Fun for Less Tours offers multiple tours of Central America to offer an up-close and personal look at the land the Book of Mormon describes in great detail. Explore ruins in Mexico and Honduras that are considered by many to be the locations of the ancient American civilization described in the Book of Mormon. The tour includes stops in Mexico City, to view the great ruins of Teotihuacán, as well as the ruins of Tikal, Copan, and a stop in Guatemala City — the location where Nephi is perhaps buried underneath. Led by a special guest educator, this 13-day trip is an incredible trek for any LDS member. Full of historical sites and education, it also makes time for you to enjoy the local culture and tropical location of Central America.

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Nauvoo Church History Tour

Morris Murdock Escorted Tours offers the “Nauvoo Church History Tour” to help you relive the milestones of the early pioneers in Missouri and Illinois. On this 6-day trip, experience “Old Nauvo” with a visit to the Joseph Smith Homestead, Mansion House, gravesites of Joseph, Emma, and Hyrum, the Red Brick Store, and much more. See all the important places in our church’s history for yourself; it’s an incredible experience that will give you a greater appreciation and understanding of our early pioneer ancestors.

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Holy Land Tours

Step back in time with the Holy Land tours from Cruise Lady, a company specializing in Latter-Day adventures. During this once-in-a-lifetime trip, the Scriptures will come alive and be forever changed, as you see the places where it all took place. Most importantly, this tour gives you an LDS scholar as a guide, to help you interpret all that you see and do through your LDS faith.

The 10-day tour makes stops at legendary locales such as Mt. Carmel, Nazareth, Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, the Garden of Gethsemane, and much more.

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European Temple Tours

Fly to Europe for a unique chance to visit Temples in three of Europe’s most beautiful and historic cities: London, Paris, and Rome. Organized by Latter-Day Travel, this 12-day trip is an incredible way to blend sightseeing and fun with a unique opportunity to experience the Church’s global presence in an intimate and profound way, led by LDS scholar guides and other LDS members.

In addition to the Temples, you’ll be able to visit sites in Lond, Paris, Barcelona, Palermo, and Rome, to take advantage of the unmatched wonder of Europe.

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Early Church History Tour

Walk in the footsteps of Joseph Smith and early church members in Brian Judd Tours’ Early Church History Tour. With stops in upstate New York and Ohio, including Palmyra, Harmony, Fayette, and Kirtland, you’ll see some of our Church’s most important historical sites and the true origins of our faith.

The trip includes sites such as the Sacred Grove, Joseph Smith Sr. farm and log cabin, Book of Mormon Grandin Printing building, and the Kirtland Temple. The trip makes time for fun, too, with stops at Niagra Falls for a ride on “Maid of the Mist,” a visit to the Erie Canal locks, a special meal with a local Amish community, and more.

For history buffs, this trip is an unforgettable chance to see, in person, the places and sites you’ve heard about for so long.

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Where Will Your LDS Travels Take You Next?

If you’ve never traveled as a way to explore and expand your faith, we highly recommend you add one of the above trips to your bucket list. When you visit new and interesting locales, your faith has a unique way of coming alive and helping you feel more connected than ever to our global community.

If you’re a teenager — or parent of a teen — and want a more hands-on, servant-hearted approach to travel, explore the humanitarian travel experiences from Travel for Youth. Our trips are a fun,  social way to meet other LDS members your age while bringing you a new, life-changing perspective. Changing the world is possible, but you first have to experience it. Explore our two-week LDS humanitarian trips now and sign-up for the adventure of a lifetime.